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In Our Website you can find too many Health Hud for FiveM. But Which is Best? Whish is looks nice? As well As each looks deferent. Each is good, It’s up to you, it’s up to your test. and Emilia Hud FiveM is One of the best HUD for FiveM health and Food and Voice. We are Calling it..

What is the Facilities of Emilia Hud FiveM?

Well, In Emilia Hud FiveM, You can see Your Stamina Level, Armor Level, Health Level, Food Level, Water Level, and Voice Level, ETC. There is no bank Money, cash Money Job Money Status. On Emilia Hud if you know anything about html editing, So it’s a Big news, You can Change all the colors and icons and too many thigs. And Be sure, Emilia Hud is fully Modifiable HUD. You can Also Comments on this post, Our Stuff will Try there best to help you.

How to install/add Nek Hud in FiveM server?

  • Download the Script.
  • Extract the Script.
  • You can See 1 File, emilia_statusvoice. Open the file.
  • Again you can see 2 File called, esx_status and esx_voice. Copy the file into your server resource folder.
  • And start this both script from ‘server.cfg’ file.
  • You are Done, Now start your server and test.

What is the Framework Emilia Hud using?

Emilia Hud using ESX Framework. and it’s Tested. It’s also work in other framework. But you have to convert it yourself, And you can if you know coding. Otherwise Do not try to do change anything in the script. It will Destroy the script, So be careful.

Does It Work In RageMP?

No, It’s Only For FiveM, It’s Not Gonna Work in RageMP, Not Only RageMP. It’s Not Gonna Work in any other platform or Game. But you can take a try.

Special note

Do not Sell it to anyone, This is Free for all from HUNTED LEAKS, And No idea Who is the Owner of this Hud.

Thank You

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